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Now you can Play Football Heads Unblocked for Free at School, University, College or any place from this site. Play Head Soccer Unblocked and win UEFA Champions League with your favorite Club and player.

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What is Football Heads Unblocked Game?

Football heads or Soccer Heads unblocked is one of the most famous online football games on the internet. It’s a game that can keep you in front of your screen for many hours as its highly addictive and fun to play.

This game is available on many sites on the internet but most of them are either locked or not free.

Since this is a game that is loved by students, many colleges and universities have blocked all sites that allow you to play Football Heads.

And that’s why we have Football Heads Unblocked!!

Head Football offers many options to play. On this page, we have added Football Heads UEFA Champions League Game.

Apart from this, you can also play many other versions of Soccer Heads Unblocked. Few other options are;

  • Head Soccer La Liga Unblocked
  • Football Heads EPL
  • Football Heads FIFA World Cup
  • Italian Serie A unblocked
  • Bundesliga
  • French League 1 Unblocked
  • Head Soccer Euro Cup
  • Football Heads Goalkeeper Unblocked


You can find all the above and many other head soccer unblocked games on other pages of this site. We have literally added every version so that you can enjoy the version you love the most.

How to Play Head Soccer Unblocked Championship?

The game is very simple to play. Read this part to know How you can Play Sports Head Football Championshoip.

Let me explain the aim first and then the controls.

The ultimate aim of yours is to Win the match. You will be given exactly 1 minute in every match and you have to score goals more than the opposite team. If you win the game, you get 3 points, if you lose you get nothing and if you draw you will get 1 month.

This is how the point table will work. In Football Heads UCL edition you will start in the group stage and you will have to finish the group in first or second place to qualify for the next round.

The next round (Round of 16) will be a 2 leg match where you have to beat your opponent in aggregate score. The same will be followed in Quarter Final and Semi Final.

Once you reach the final, you will have to play only 1 match and if you win that you will win the Football Heads unblocked UEFA Champions league edition.


You can pick any top team from European flight. You can pick Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Ac Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Liverpool and many other teams.

You will have to first select the country of the club and then select the club accordingly

Players in Head Football

Once you select the team, you will have to select and pick the player you want to play with.

The name of the player won’t be mentioned but the graphics are so good that you can identify the player yourself.

All big players can be found in Head Football Unblocked Online Game.

So yes, Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Bale, Benzema, all players are available.


You will have the option to select 2 things

  1. Stadium layout
  2. Fan Behaviour
  3. Weather


The layout of the stadium is a deciding factor. Try them all and find the one which helps you the most.

Fans can be helpful as well, if you select Angry fans, they will help you a bit by throwing stuff at the opposite player, thus freezing him for some time.

Weather affect Footballs heads a lot. You can literally get benefitted from heavy winds in the direction of your opponent’s goal.

Controls of Football Heads Unlocked

The controls are really simple, you will have to use only a few keys.

The space bar is used to kick the ball

The arrow keys are used to move the player. Up Arrow key is used to make your player jump.

How to Win Champions League in Football Heads Unblocked

Here’s a video showing how to play Head Football Unblocked in the best way possible.

I hope you enjoyed the video.

Now start Playing Sports Head Football Unblocked on this site for free. Make sure to remember the name of this site or simply bookmark us as you will always want to visit and play again.